Welcome to the Capital Collective

A non-profit company with the aim to enhance collaboration between the public and private sectors as partners in the rejuvenation of Pretoria’s Inner City

What We Do

  • Develop a network of like minded people passionate about the rejuvenation of the Capital, incorporating a wide array of stakeholders in the city.
  • Encourage ideas and initiatives to enhance the rejuvenation of Pretoria Inner City.
  • Facilitate the process of bringing parties together on a project or idea and explore existing initiatives to collaborate with.
  • Initiate and drive certain projects and develop teams to run with it.
  • Build awareness and trust and gain the support of the public for Capital Collective initiatives.
  • Help to build the brand of Pretoria and Tshwane.

The Capital Collective works in association with various initiatives and organisations to revitalize and restore the inner-city.